The heart and soul of Funky Fish, Sarah has been in business for 23 years.  Her passion for the teaching children and infatuation for the ocean have come together to create a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure program.  It would be difficult to find a more genuine, caring person who truly loves what she does and enjoys building relationships with others.  Her ingenuity and kind disposition serve as the principles for the foundation of Funky Fish Kids Day.   

Originally from London, Sarah has spent a great deal of time overseas helping children in poverty-stricken areas.  Upon arriving to Florida, Sarah started diving and immediately developed a love for the ocean, which led her to become a diving instructor.  It was then that she realized many children had a desire and intrigue for the ocean, but no means to explore it.  While running a diving business for tourists, Sarah filled that void by creating a marine biology day for the kids to learn snorkeling.  The day quickly developed a following and many locals wanted in on the action.   

Funky Fish Kids Day began working with many big hotels in the greater Fort Lauderdale area. Soon, country clubs, girl scouts, and other local groups were all joining the fun.  Besides her love for Funky Fish, Sarah finds time to be a devoted mother to her son, William.  Her unique perspective affords her the ability to understand the importance of safety and relate to parents who may have concerns regarding their most precious possession. 
In only a short time, Mike has developed into one of the driving forces behind Funky Fish Kids Day.  His forward thinking and creativity supports Funky Fish in the present as he continues to develop ideas for the future.  Mike's rare abilities have been proven in a variety of environments that include three years as a proprietary day trader in Chicago, writing several screenplays for film and television, and also playing basketball with the University of Wisconsin.  Above all, he can always be counted on to deliver the right amount of humor to lighten anyone’s day.
It would be impossible to describe Jessica's dynamic personality with one word.  Not only is she caring and comforting to those around her, but she is super cool too.  Her open personality allows her to instantly connect with children on a high level.  Jessica's intelligence is evident the second you meet her and is backed up by her bachelors degree in biology and masters in anthropology.
With her calm and collected demeanor, Heather has the ability to put both children and parents at ease.  She has the grace to handle any situation effectively.  Her stability and maturity can make a person feel like they have known her forever.  Heather's teaching experience and overall presence offers a well-rounded balance to the staff.
It may be simple, but the best word to describe Tom is "awesome".  Not only is he able to instantly connect with children, but he is also an avid skim boarder.  His teaching techniques have helped many hesitant children develop their skim boarding skills.  Tom's always positive attitude combined with his studies in International Business make him a truly valuable asset.