Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the qualifications of the Team? 

Each member of our Funky Fish Team are CPR certified and professionally trained instructors. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds that include marine biologists, diving instructors, professional skim boarders, lifeguards, and K-12 grade school teachers. Please take a look at the staff bios for more information. 

What is the instructor to child ratio? 

The maximum ratio is 1 instructor for every 7 children.  For example, if 8 children sign up for a Funky Fish event, there will be 2 instructors assigned. The ratio would then be 1 instructor for every 4 children. 

Are the children safe in the ocean? 

Qualified instructors are right with the children at all times in the shallow ocean only. If the ocean is rough, other environmentally themed activities will occur in place of the ocean activities. 

What attention is given to children with medical conditions? 

A waiver is sent to all campers prior to any Funky Fish event. Parents are able to communicate any special conditions for a child on the waiver form. Instructors review each waiver form on-site and are trained to handle all emergency situations. 

How are children protected from the sun? 

Instructors will apply sunscreen every hour. 

What happens when it rains? 

Funky Fish is located at resorts on the beach. The close proximity of these resorts to the Funky Fish program offers immediate shelter if weather is not permitting. 

What if children do not want to participate in certain activities? 

No child is forced to do any activity. The entire group will always stay together and accommodations will be made to offer another opportunity to participate. 

What can parents do while children at Funky Fish? 

Relax and enjoy the day! The beach is a simple option, but many parents go shopping, utilize hotel facilities, or grab lunch at nearby bars and restaurants.

How many children does it take to run the program?

We require a minimum of three children to run our program. 

Mission Statement:

To provide a unique and exciting learning environment by using the ocean to inspire and entertain children of all ages from around the world. Children will experience a variety of adventures in the 'liquid playground' that will provide confidence and skills to last a lifetime.